We specialise in making and delivering brands.
Our clients benefit from our wealth of experience and hands on approach, working closely with us to move their brand or business forward.

Whether for an established brand or a start up business, we bring commitment, a practical approach and marketing skills across the key disciplines.

We work in:
Branding and Identity Creation
Brand Promotion
Digital Communications
3D Design
Golf Marketing


  • At the end of 2016

    At the end of 2016

    As the year limps towards the end, I believe many people will be glad to see the back of it for all the global turmoil and the disappointing news at home. We finished off our year with a couple of delightful projects, and being positive we are looking forward to 2017. We created a shopping … Continue reading At the end of 2016 Read More
  • Walking Festival Case Study

    Walking Festival Case Study

    Background Early in 2016 the Scottish Borders town of Coldstream announced that it would host the 22nd Scottish Borders Walking Festival during the first week of September. The Festival was organised by a team of experienced walkers and local community members, but there was no one on board with a marketing background. I felt that … Continue reading Walking Festival Case Study Read More
  • Tasty Work

    Tasty Work

    One of the enjoyable things about designing this recipe book, both in print and as an eBook for Louise Kang, The High Protein Cook, was trying out the recipes. I really recommend checking out the High Protein Cook’s website as there are lots of easy to follow, very tasty recipes, complete with videos. It does … Continue reading Tasty Work Read More
  • Not standing still

    Not standing still

    Most businesses know that to stand still is to go backwards, and in marketing especially, reinvention is an on-going necessity. Marketing messages need to remain relevant to both old and new audiences. And those audiences are constantly changing ones. Businesses need to learn to promote their brands through new channels without alienating their existing audiences. … Continue reading Not standing still Read More