What Will Agrada Do For You?

Explaining ‘what we do’ can be better understood if we also explain ‘what we do not do’. Clients don’t need to appoint us to do everything from the start. We can work with an existing identity and apply it, or get involved part way through a project. In any event, what you get when you work with Agrada, is us from start to finish.

What we do

Assess the design and marketing needs of small businesses and startups.
Create appropriate brand identities/logos.
Apply identities to promotional, digital and other material.
Work with chosen partners to create a digital strategy and approach.
Consider social media implications.
Advise on visitor centre, exhibition, retail and catering environments.
Interpret sales and marketing messages and write appropriate copy.
Assist with business strategy and marketing plans.
Refer clients to other agencies when required.

What we don’t do

Take on projects that are outside our skill sets.
Work on projects that we do not believe in or enjoy.
Claim to have the capacity for large projects for big companies.
Charge fee levels that our clients can’t afford.