Productpreneur Clients

As designers there is nothing better than helping a client to develop his or her business, as lets face it, that’s what it’s all about. Design awards and peer accolades are lovely of course, but commercial success and an improved bottom line for clients, is ultimately the most rewarding result of a lot of hard work.

Over the last few years, we have worked with quite a few start-ups or near starts ups, and we like to think that our work and advice has helped some fledging companies, in meaningful ways.

Many of these start-up clients are hugely talented individuals, who have great ideas, drive and determination and work ceaselessly to get their offer to market. Knowing when to get outside help, is of course a hallmark of a true entrepreneur.

One such client is Safedreams, who first came to us in 2010 when the company was just getting established. We created new branding, packaging, exhibitions, and designed the website and promotional materials. We began with the Cotwrap product, followed by a name generation exercise, originating the soft toy names, Hoppy and Patch, designing labels and creating the promotional materials for the products.

WEB_Cotwrap back


NI SafeDreams Ad V2 15_05_12

The Safedreams client never lets the grass grow under her feet and is continually developing ideas and products. As well as running her growing company, she has now published a book,
‘How to get your Product to Market’.

In her book, she clearly lays out lots of helpful advice, from dealing with product designers, manufacturers and brand building, to successful pitching to buyers. This is one highly motivated individual and dealing with clients like that is a fun part of our job.

We wish her lots of luck (and sales!) with her very informative book.