Much has graced the news already about Standard Life Aberdeen’s rebrand, most of it derisory.

My viewpoint is normally one of making sure businesses move with the times and adapt to modern ways to survive. I do see that there was confusion around the brand, with different products with similar names. I can see and understand the rationale to simplify and streamline.

However, my concern is who this is aimed at. A few years ago an eminent American ad man wrote a pertinent article about agencies avoiding one of their biggest markets, the ones with real spending power – the older demographic. It is easier for young agency hot shots to pitch at their own age group, they understand it better and it is way cooler than the silver sector.

However, the older group can be savvy, financially secure and with more time to spend their disposable income. The pandemic has shown up this divide in even more sharp relief and the younger generation will be carrying a heavy financial burden for a long time.

A modern, digitally flexible new identity is a good thing, but did it have to lean towards such youth speak? I am well aware that businesses have to look beyond their older customers as they will literally die off, but this feels like they are ignoring completely their existing database in an effort to engage with a young audience who may have significantly less money to invest……