A Masterclass in Retail Display

A destination shop by anyone’s logic and a magnet especially for overseas visitors, the Louis Vuitton shop in Edinburgh’s Multrees Walk has handbags flying off the shelves all year round I would imagine.

Therefore it is all the more applaudable that the shop consistently stops passersby in their tracks with it’s fabulous window displays. These displays are often works of art and only pay lipservice to the actual products on offer. They can be audacious in their execution and either strikingly simple, or technically astounding, but never dull.

They are magnificently on brand because of the above, and they feel unique, special and beautifully crafted, everything a highly expensive handbag or luggage item should be.

The most recent window, during the Edinburgh Festival had many people crossing the road to gaze at the beautiful, mesmorising tilting displays of coloured sand.

A work of art in a city celebrating the arts.

A brand more than giving back, not just to customers but to the public in general.
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Louis Vuitton Window Edinburgh


How can retailers still be surprised at the growth of online sales?

As retailers post their Christmas sales results once again, there has been a further trend towards online shopping. What seems strange about this is that some retailers were still surprised by it, and others have not fully embraced the online market.

‘John Lewis Managing Director Andy Street admitted to the BBC on Wednesday, that the retailer had been surprised at the speed of the shift from shops to online this Christmas’.

The whole online retail experience has matured and the associated delivery businesses have really got their act together. Think how quickly we’ve become used to overnight delivery and become impatient if items take 3 or 4 days to arrive. The great development is in the communication of these delivery companies. Nowadays there is very rarely the issue of having to wait in all day with no idea of a delivery time.

With more people working from home these days, sitting in front of screens all day, online shopping is the natural environment. With many high streets becoming the predictable line of anonymous, bland, big retail brands, it is no wonder that people are drawn to the often niche, quirky and unusual offers online. Location is no barrier, so international retail offers are accessible as are the major London shops such as Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.

But of course we need to be careful what we wish for, as retailers stretch their budgets to create more and more tempting online experiences, the physical store experience may suffer, and as selfish shoppers, we want the best of everything.

There is much talk about reviving high streets and this takes hard work and innovation to compete against the juggernaut that is online, but by retailers working together along side enlightened town councils, there is hope. The Scottish Borders has actually seen an increase in footfall in some of its towns which is encouraging and all down to investment and hard work.

There is no escaping it.



What a Collection

We recently completed a leaflet to promote the shopping available around the estate at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire.

Apart from a tempting array of retail offerings, Gleneagles has created a fabulous range of travel accessories, named The Gleneagles Collection. Each item is beautifully crafted and subtly branded with the famous Gleneagles crest. As you would expect from a brand with such impeccable standards, these items reflect the heritage and quality perfectly. This is a really good example of a natural brand extension.

Gleneagles Retail Therapy Leaflet

We are thrilled to continue our long association with Gleneagles Hotel – working with such an iconic brand is so rewarding.




Where has the year gone?

Hard to believe that another year has gone by and another Gleneagles Style magazine has been produced. It is packed full of information about the Hotel and all the goodies and offerings available there.

And of course not only is Gleneagles Hotel celebrating a 90th anniversary, there is all the build up to the Ryder Cup happening there in September. A very exciting year.








While we designed it, once again the magazine was produced by the great team at Golf Publishing, and superbly printed by 21 Colour in Glasgow. (thanks for the photo!)