A Toast to Loyalty

We believe greatly in loyalty and have always endeavoured to build lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers. We feel that ultimately you give and get a better service when the day-to-day working environment involves relationships that are more trusting and secure.

A very long-term client, who has worked with us on and off for more than twenty years, came to us with a brief to create a brand and a website for his company’s new online whisky shop. We were used to this client having a detailed idea of his requirements and an in-depth knowledge of his target market, however the need for a very extensive and sophisticated website, led to a quite involved process that proved to be open, honest and rewarding due largely to the understanding and trust that has developed over time. From our point of view, it was a great two-way example of the rewards of client/supplier loyalty.

The website went live last week in good time to select one or two of the fabulous and unusual whiskies available, either as Christmas presents, as a special treat, or to simply explore new tastes.

Good relationships, we’ll drink to that!

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