Jaunty January

Why do we all describe it as depressing? The days are getting longer, the expense of December is over, everyone is making ‘fresh starts’, diets and exercise promises abound, surely we should be more positive?

Of course we are in midwinter technically, but I refuse to be downbeat.

We, for example, are on the cusp of so many new projects, that time is flying past – it’s late January already. Our golf resort project in Russia is waking up after a short hibernation, getting things in place for the new year. Our magazine projects are at the planning stages for spring publication and some of our past clients are talking about new projects. We’ll have to support some of them to help them to get off the ground but others will pay their way.

Interesting new projects are sliding into view and John is manfully engaged as the unofficial and unpaid marketing director of his local golf club, which has suffered, like most clubs, from the horrendous battering the course has taken from the last two winters and summers that were not a lot better.

So January will be over in a blink and the days will start to get noticeably longer. Spring really isn’t that far away – bring it on.