Jamie Oliver and David Loftus: the joy of partnerships

We’ve written in the past about long-term working relationships between agencies and clients, but on Instagram the other day I saw a post that made me think about it further.

David Loftus, the photographer, has been working closely with Jamie Oliver for some 18 years. It seems to me, from the outside, that they have built a very successful, mutually beneficial relationship. Jamie has enjoyed huge success and his beautifully photographed and designed cookbooks have assisted in that. David Loftus has no doubt gained new clients from the huge circulation of those books.

So I am guessing here that they have forged a great partnership, working closely through what can be at times, strained situations involving food and travel, and so can forgive each other the occasional bad days and mishaps and keep focussed on the end product.

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For us too, the best end result comes from a strong partnership. Having the confidence to be open and honest, and fully committing to, and enjoying the creative process.

Long-term partnerships don’t have to become stale; often they can produce better and better results. And like any good relationship, decisions can be made faster and easier when both parties fully understand each other, and communicate properly.

Without doubt, ‘a recipe for success’.