British creativity shining amidst the gloom

We’ve had a lot to be miserable about recently, not least the worrying economic situation that remains in flux and the unremittingly bad summer that has eroded and dripped into our psyche. Being British has been really challenging this year.

However, there have also been some momentous celebrations that have, I believe, raised our spirits and made us feel not just good but great about Britain.

These notable occasions, have been united by the sheer scale of the ambition, the quality of the execution and the creative thinking driving their content and structure.

My favourites for creating this uplifting emotion, have included the Jubilee River Pageant that was so ambitious in its scale and yet so human in its inclusive nature, that it was to be applauded.

The documentary ‘Britain in a Day’, was awesome in the enormous editing feat it achieved, leaving the audience humbled at what a tolerant, eccentric and wonderful bunch of people we can be.

The BBC’s ‘The Hollow Crown’, was so well executed, so beautifully presented and so naturally acted, that it resonated for a long time afterwards, and left us thankful that Shakespeare was British.

And, most recently, the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics was simply stunning. Around the world, commentators have acknowledged that Danny Boyle pulled off an amazing feat in portraying the quirkiness and humour that makes Britain what it is.

The inventiveness and creativity, in the way it was executed and performed, and the technical skill in making it happen, showcased what is truly great about our nation and, whatever the outcome of the Games, we have certainly achieved a gold standard in creativity in 2012.