Jim, that’s what we sell.

There is an amusing piece circulating social media circles at the moment, involving a designer responding to a client who is asking for free work.

We’ve all been there and making the judgment call on it is dependent upon a multitude of factors – mostly to do with the client/designer relationship.

One of the lines in the social media exchange between client and designer, is the designer telling the client that the design might take a few hours, but will be backed up by 15 years of experience. Well between us, John and I have over 50 years of experience.

A few years ago, I felt rather intimated by all the vibrant youth in the business and wondered if we were too ‘mature’ for the design industry. But then I realised that if you went to a law firm or an accountant and got a senior partner, you’d be delighted, albeit, of course, worrying about the bill!

The same goes for doctors and surgeons – experience reassures.

We’re not comparing ourselves with surgeons, handling life or death situations. We are however dealing with the life-blood of your brands or business, which are different kinds of life or death scenarios.

Neither are we trying to win design awards or the acclaim of our peers; we’re simply trying to do our very best for your business. Our experience helps us to make decisions faster, have the ability to judge what works and what doesn’t, and of course, to identify the good, young and vibrant people to involve in the team when necessary.

As the indignant designer said, “it’s not the time it takes to do the design work but the knowledge that goes with it.”

As with everything, it’s horses for courses – you wouldn’t ask a surgeon to take a patient’s blood pressure. Would you? Taking the time to find the right design team for your needs is a critical part of the process, after which you will have a clearer picture of what you are paying for.

Many years ago a client asked John to attend a meeting saying, “ the ‘meter needn’t be running, all I want is some ideas…”

John responded saying, “Jim, that’s what we sell.”