Nike – 20 Years On

Nike – 20 Years On

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When I worked as a design consultant to Nike UK and Nike Europe from the late 1980’s for almost 12 years, I was always in awe of what the company had achieved in terms of establishing great brand values and of it’s determination to reinforce them in everything it did.

Now, in 2015, I listen to my son, who is about to complete a one-year internship with Nike Golf, in the Netherlands and I realise how far the Nike brand has come since those early days.

Everything that those pioneering Nike marketers envisaged, a quarter of a century ago, has not only been brought to fruition, it has been surpassed.

The quality of the products was good then but it’s unbelievable now and the teams that Nike has put together over the years has, layer on layer, ensured that this world famous brand, will never be sold short.

The corporate philosophy that my son is now preaching to me, speaks of focus on quality in everything Nike does. It speaks about care and consideration for its customers, its suppliers and its employees. He talks about how he and his colleagues are ‘Nike people’ who live the brand.

I remember all of that because it existed back then but it has developed into an unbelievably positive, powerful entity.

In my early days in business, I was told that a company standing still is going backwards – Nike can certainly not be accused of that.

John Slater

18 August 2015

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