Collective creativity in yellow

Collective creativity in yellow

Well the Yorkshire Grand Depart will depart tomorrow as Tour De France fever hits Yorkshire.

I’m no cyclist and must confess to not being likely to watch much if any of it, but what I am enjoying is the wonderful creativity of the folk of Yorkshire, as they welcome and embrace the event.

Houses, pubs, roads, statues, gardens and even fields are the canvas for an outpouring of humour and inventiveness, harnessing the famous yellow jersey.

The combination of Yorkshire’s famed dry humour and the strength of the Tour de France brand icon, has created more fun and community involvement than I have witnessed at the World Cup or other recent sporting events.

Of course professional designers and marketers have also capitalised on the event, quite rightly, but it’s the homemade efforts that I applaud.

The distinctiveness of the yellow jersey, distilled down to ownership of the colour yellow, is a shining example of how any organisation would love their brand to be recognised. And how Yorkshire humour has handled it, does the county proud.


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