The Shortest Day

The Shortest Day

We are at the shortest day and the point where I usually revert to my ‘I hate winter’ default setting. This year, I thought I would try to turn it around and seek out the positives associated with this usually bleak period of the year.

Winter means that you can pretty much ignore the garden and have guilt free weekends. In fact the short daylight hours mean you hardly get to look at it.

Warm clothes generally require less ironing, unlike summer linens and cottons.

The food is filling, warming stodge, that’s probably bad for you but really delicious anyway.

Red wine, red wine and more red wine.

Setting aside for a moment the rampant commercialism and excessive spending, you can enjoy the bright Christmas lights and general festive aura that go some way to breaking up what for many, is the longest, darkest and most dismal time of year. No wonder it was the chosen time of pagan festivals…

Bright crisp days can be truly appreciated, along with spectacular sunrises and beautiful sunsets. And there’s no need for sunscreen.

Battening down the hatches, drawing the curtains and lighting the fire, is one of the great pleasures of this time of year.

As the end of the year draws near, we can reflect on the events of 2013 and hopefully focus on the positives. We can learn from the negatives and look forward to the challenges of 2014. With the knowledge that the days will be getting longer quite soon and conclude that there is still much to enjoy about the winter.

With our best wishes to all clients, colleagues and friends for the Festive period and 2014.


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