Big files, big download, big wait.

We have recently been working on two magazines that required accessing
a large number of images, from a variety of media banks.

I have not logged the time I spent waiting for impossibly large files to download, but I guess I could have designed quite a few other things in the time I waited. I suppose I could have found other things to do, like making a cup of tea, popping out to the shops (in Glasgow) and walking the dog (if we had one) or I could have continued to become more and more frustrated.

A few of the sites I used failed to manage the size of the files – we are talking in excess of 100MB.

It seems crazy to me that as the resolution of cameras increase, and in turn, the size of the required files, we end up with something way beyond what is actually needed. For an A4 magazine, we do not need image files that even exceed 10 MB. Downscaling the images, also takes time for the photographer, the media bank manager, or the end user.

In conversation with the photographer on one shoot, she admitted that it was a problem for photographers too, as they have to keep finding more and more file storage.

Cloud storage is an obvious storage solution, but it does not eliminate the downloading problem. The current situation makes the whole exercise extremely time consuming and passing files around very cumbersome.

It seems to me that technology has given with one hand, but taken away with the other