Mary Queen of Shops FIX IT FACTORY name

Mary Portas changed the name of Lightwater Homecare to The Fix it Factory and after 2 months, the client changed it back.

It's obviously difficult, in a one hour television programme, to cover all elements of the proposed transition in detail, however simply declaring a new name to a client and saying "trust me it is right', misleads people into believing that new name generation and in particular re-naming, can be successfully achieved without the input of the business owners.

The conclusion that the existing name of a business is 'wrong' must come through discussion and analysis of why it is wrong and it must involve collaboration with the client.

Getting the name generation process right and bringing the client along with the development stages, is critical to the creation of what will ultimately be the foundation of a new brand and more importantly will promote acceptance and ownership of the brand, within the client team.

The FIXIT Factory name was ultimately rejected and it is a matter of opinion why that was. If the client had been involved in the important stages of the re-naming process, I believe that he would have either signed onto it and stayed with it, or the team would have generated a different, possibly more appropriate name that answered all elements of 'the brief', which may have been written by the consultant but would have most certainly been signed off by the client.

Brand name creation is not an 'add on' to a retail or other business concept it is a fundamental part of the business plan.