Mr Singh, Muddy Boots and branding on TV.

For any independent food producer, last night’s “High Street Dreams” was
a short sharp lesson on how to get into the supermarkets. It was full of valuable information and straight talking.

For designers working with brands, it was music to our ears to see how critical, not only getting the brand essence right was, but it’s physical application, research and attention to detail. The professional advisors had already picked the two contenders, because they reckonised clear USPs and good products and built on that.

And how they built on it, fabulous designers, amazing introductions and wonderfully experienced advisors, making great TV (apart from the unfortunate, frequent slide into XFactor dramatic effect).

How many independent producers must have watched with envy at how both companies had their paths made smooth by this gold plated help and wondered how they could do the same.

Usually financial assistance is not given to create a brand, although it is normally given for websites, employment and premises. But the brand has to come ‘hot on the heels’ of a quality product or idea. Get that wrong and little else matters.

So, putting aside the green tinted glasses that many will have been watching through, it was a great programme promoting the message about branding, research and presentation. Looking forward to the next ones.

High Street Dreams

Mr Sing’s

Muddy Boots