Life beyond the screen

Having just returned from a week's holiday away from computers and televisions,
it made me realise how much time these indispensible items of our daily lives suck up.

Our days on holiday were long, my shoulders never ached and my eyes didn't
smart – of course it helps if you have a spectacular view. We sat each evening as
the sun went down and simply watched it and talked.

We are all so attached to our screens that we live our lives through them, if we are
not careful. How many times have we held long email conversations to resolve an issue,
when picking up the phone would have been the quickest and most direct way to deal with it?
We think we don't have time to actually speak to someone but if we add up the time taken to exchange emails, we may find that it would have been quicker and more effective to talk.
And how come we have less time? Is it because the 5 minutes we plan to sit down to check something or look something up has suddenly become an hour or more?

We are always contactable, wherever we are, and we seem to feel the need to record
every aspect of our lives, and tell everyone, by text, by Facebook or by Twitter.
We were at a Coldplay concert recently and noticed that people were more focussed on photographing the ants that were Coldplay on stage, with their phones, than just
sitting back and absorbing the atmosphere!

Thinking about the amazing developments in communication techniques.
Do we really communicate more clearly and effectively, or do we just communicate more?
The lessons I have learned from my week away are to talk more, to listen more and to
get out and smell the coffee, not to just photograph it for Facebook!