British summer time & white arms are bulging.

A personal view


Early morning cup of tea wandering around the garden.
Less clothes and bare feet.
British strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, asparagus and new potatoes.
Bird song.
Evening walks examining window boxes and patios.
Chilled white wine (as a red wine drinker).
The smell of barbeques.
Outdoor festivals and events.
Windows wide open.
English roses.
Daylight for hours and hours.
Wandering around the garden with a glass of wine last thing at night.


Midges and harvest mites.
White flesh bulging out of, under and around tight tops.
Acres of tattoos on view.
Flip flops on feet that should never see daylight.
Warm white wine.
Working indoors when the sun is shining.
Endless ironing of cotton or linen clothing.


A woodpigeon really means spring/summer – (if you’ve iTunes just click on the download link)

Eat while you pick

Summer in a glass

Summer on a plate

My favorite rose