So where are we now?

Four months have now passed since we fired up the engine significantly on Agrada again, after a long period of being involved in other things. The time has flown by and it has been several months since we posted a blog, which must indicate how busy we have been.

So is small beautiful? Well right now, it feels as good looking at Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt depending upon your taste.

Not being a part of a big company means that we can focus one hundred percent on our clients. When we are thinking about projects, there are no distractions about operational issues, staffing problems, overheads, internal politics, overhearing others and all the minutiae that mean you only get a fraction of productive work done during a day.

We are getting close to our clients again and are working with organisations where there is a tangible result for our efforts. It has put the buzz back in the business for us. Flexible working hours mean that we can meet up with visiting friends, we can keep up with the news by getting out for coffee and we walk lots now, hardly needing the car – greener as well!

Of course it isn't all fun, sometimes it feels as if we don't actually stop or switch off. Weekdays blur into weekends and of course we have to run to the post office, do the accounts, remember to order the ink cartridges and make the coffee, but at least it is good coffee.

Right now, with business's struggling all around us and with everyone watching budgets carefully, it is truly liberating not to need large budgets to do effective work.

And what have we been working on? Well, three websites for three very different organisations, from orbital welding to a residential care home, two high quality resort magazines, exhibition stands for a country house hotel, the launch of a new herbal tea offer including the branding, exhibition stands and packaging, a retail brand and interior and a refresh of a racecourse identity.

If you are interested in seeing any of our current or previous work, please contact us and we can show you some appropriate examples of what we have done for other organisations.