Don't Let the Tail Wag the Dog

You would not be in business if you didn't believe that you could offer something better than or at least as good as your competitors. You may have structured your business to be price competitive or you may have a 'unique selling point' for your products or services.

You will, no doubt, have delegated responsibility to someone within your company, to drive the plan to get your messages to your potential customers. The person appointed, will either be a director or employee that has a track record of success with 'special projects', has a marketing or business development background or worst of all, is a person with the time to do it.

Whichever one of the above routes you choose, the secret is to form a team of people, with relevant skills and experience and to make sure that the 'tail is not wagging the dog'.

Identifying the best team for the job, can be time consuming but getting it right at the outset, is the key to success. A mix of in-house knowledge and external expertise is the usual way forward, however the first mistake often happens when a strategic stage is missed out of the process and the team is launched into discussing a range of visually stunning ideas.

You cannot blame the creatives for this happening. Once they feel that they understand what the company is about and what messages it wants to get over, they are often the most pro-active when it comes to putting forward solutions.

It's easy for the team to get caught up in the excitement of great ideas, especially when they can report back to the board or the boss, on tangible progress. If there is someone on the team that is charged with the responsibility to ensure that there is a direct link between the company's objectives, the strategic plan and the brief to the creatives, then the chance of the 'dog' staying in control will be vastly increased.