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John Slater

John qualified as an exhibition and museum designer in 1982, having previously studied Spanish and product design in Barcelona.

He left his position as joint managing director of Tayburn Limited in Edinburgh in 1991 to form The Northcross Group, which under his leadership, achieved a turnover of circa £5m.

After selling his controlling interest in Northcross in 2001, he spent time as the non-executive chairman of a product design company before forming Agrada with Kay Smith.

John’s work in recent years has focused on the strategic elements of brand creation and development, however he retains an active interest in his design roots, developing 3D design solutions for a select few of Agrada’s smaller clients.

Kay Smith

Kay has had many years experience as the creative director of large and small design teams, specialising in brand creation, design for print and digital applications.

Having a truly ‘hands on’ approach to client relationships and responsibility for team selection for every project, allows Kay to maintain high standards of creativity and to ensure that the work answers the client’s brief and is of the highest standard.

She prides herself in her sense of fairness and her determination to achieve practical, effective solutions for Agrada’s clients.

Kay also believes in ‘giving something back’, having had a long, successful career in the marketing sector and allocates an element of Agrada’s time, each year, to helping clients/organisations with limited or non existent budgets.

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